Cognitive development in Infancy

Cognitive development in Infancy

Cognitive development in Infancy

 need a 2 page essay on Cognitive development in infancy. Talk about how Infants’ brains are actively developing with everything they experience. Examine how newborns fit into the sensorimotor stage – tracing cognitive development from simple reflexes to beginnings of thought. Explore infant intelligence, information processing and memory. See the progression of infant communication from crying–to giggling–to euphoric babbling and their first words! Also mention about how language is learned and how caregivers can use infant-directed speech to foster cognitive development. I need it done in 12 point font and doubled spaced. I need an original essay with citation. This is a very short essay but it requires citation and feel free to include some of your opinion.

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Cognitive development in infancy is a biological study of the psychological development of an infant (Benson and Haith, 2009). While many people tend to only see the physical growth of infants in their first years of life, the infants also develop mentally which is explained by the…………………………………
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