Background information research paper of Delta Airline, Inc

Background information research paper of Delta Airline, Inc

Background information research paper of Delta Airline, Inc

3-4 pages, 12 times new roman, double space.

Background information research paper of Delta Airline, Inc.

Your corporate valuation should be based on the “Top-Down” approach. This approach calls for you to first examine that overall macroeconomic environment, then the industry in which your company operate and then draw some implications about the prospects for the future performance of your subject corporation.

A. Brief analysis of the overall macroeconomic environment. Identify is your company is cyclical or non-cyclical.

B. Brief industry analysis – A brief analysis of the industry in which your firm operates (identification, North American Industry Classification System – NAICS code, structure, relative importance in the U.S. economy, main issues it faces, some future perspectives).

C. Corporate Background

  • A brief history of your company, including when it went public and the geographic distribution of its activities – domestically and/or internationally.
  • Corporate Governance Analysis – Is this a company where there is a separation between ownership and management? How is management responsive to stockholders? How does the company interact with the financial markets? How do markets get information on the company?
  • Stockholder Analysis – What is the breakdown of stockholders in your company (insiders, institutional, individuals?)
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Delta airlines Inc., is one of the most prolific and profitable airline service provider in the United States. It was founded in 1924 by a pilot named Collet Everman in Coma Georgia. It was later moved to Monroe in Louisiana in 1925. It started as a crop dusting service company in Georgia……………………………………
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