Art research paper about Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Art research paper about Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Art research paper about Hagia Sophia, Turkey

he paper will be 4-5 pages in MLA . It needs 2 sources from books or article (primary).

Here is the requirement. please follow it, because my professor is very picky.

The paper should have THESIS STATEMENT in the introduction , and the body will prove, support, explain the thesis.


Library Assignment Information


Step One:

Early on in the semester, each of you should choose a topic for a research paper.  Your topics should relate to the time period covered in this course.  Please look through your textbook if you are having difficulty thinking of ideas or see me.  You must have your topics approved by me.


Topics may include, but are not limited to:

Artists (Be careful with this Topic; it should NOT be solely a BIOGRAPHY.  You should also discuss specific works.)



Specific works of art



Cultural Questions/Issues (Be careful; this should not just be a history paper.  You should also discuss specific works.)



Please keep in mind that topics should be narrowed and used to develop a specific THESIS STATEMENT.


A Thesis Statement is a sentence (or two) at the beginning of your paper that lets the reader know the main point or main argument of your paper.  The rest of the text will argue, prove, explain, and/or support, etc. this statement.  Thesis Statements should be ideas that can be supported through visual and textual documentation and should NOT include opinions.  Thus, “Claude Monet was the greatest artist EVER!” is NOT an acceptable thesis statement!


Step Two:



A key step in narrowing your topic into a thesis statement will be research and the development of a hypothesis/idea.  First come up with your topic, and then do some preliminary research.  After you do some reading you will begin to develop questions that you want to answer about your topic; things that you want to know.  This is likely to lead to a hypothesis or what could be the main argument of your paper.


It’s important to then do more research.  Do you find answers to your questions?  Can you find evidence that supports your idea?  If so, great.  If not, you may have to adjust your ideas.  This is okay.  Often you won’t be able to find scholarship that supports your idea. Often you will find research that contradicts it.  The development of a main argument for a paper is often organic…allow it to change with your research and allow yourself to ask new questions and come up with new hypotheses if need be.


Once you have fine tuned that topic and developed your main point continue to do research and find ways to argue, prove, explain, and/or support, etc. your statement.  You should be able to do this with written scholarship as well as specific examples of art works.



Step Three:



You will then be required to write a 4-5 pages research paper about the topic of your choice.


Research Paper Requirements

  • The paper must be at least 4-5 pages.  Typed and double spaced.  (FONT: Times New Roman (not bold), FONT SIZE: 12pt., Double spaced, Default margins)
  • There should be at least 3 sources.  Sources can include books, periodicals, encyclopedias, and academic internet websites and should be cited using MLA citation style. MLA citation guides can be found in the library and on-line.  If you are still have issue please come to see me during office hours or visit the writing center.
  • NOTE:  You may NOT use the internet for all three sources.  You must visit a library.  The internet is a wonderful place to find information but a good academic art history paper cannot be written based on internet sources alone.
  • Relevant illustrations should be provided at the end of your paper (do not imbed them in the text.  They do not count as part of the page requirements).  If you discuss a work at length or merely mention it you need to provide an illustration.  Pictures can be copied out of books or found on the internet.  Color illustrations are not required but please be sure the images are in good condition.
  • Plagiarized and unprofessional writing will not be accepted.  When in doubt CITE YOUR SOURCE!  Failure to footnote/cite an author when it is appropriate to do so constituents as plagiarism.


Be sure to meet with me during office hours or send me an e-mail ASAP if you are having any difficulty coming up with a topic or finding academic sources.

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Different buildings predated to other centuries have survived the changing times and the effects of different conditions including earthquakes and other acts of God. Hagia Sophia can be termed as one of the surviving buildings………………………….


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