Analyze Organizational Structures, Teams, and Stakeholders

Analyze Organizational Structures, Teams, and Stakeholders

Analyze Organizational Structures, Teams, and Stakeholders

Review the required resources and perform a search on organizational structures, virtual teams, and traditional teams. Use the NCU Library or external websites (not Wikipedia) to locate a minimum of two additional resources.
It is recommended that you review the requirements for the assignment due in Week 8 (Signature Assignment), as portions of this assignment may be used in the final assignment presentation.
Respond to the following in an analytical report:
Describe three organizational structures, including the matrixed structure. Provide two positive attributes and two negative attributes of the matrixed design. Elaborate on the concepts of general systems theory / general systems thinking and boundaryless organizations. Interpret how systems thinking and boundaryless conditions can be positive characteristics in an organization. Evaluate the challenges and opportunities of managing diverse virtual teams and managing diverse traditional teams. Provide two positive attributes and two negative attributes for each team design (virtual and traditional). Summarize the difference between shareholders and stakeholders. Expound upon the concept of emerging stakeholders
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Organizational structure is an important aspect for each and every organizational mainly because it usually determines the powers, roles and responsibilities of the different departments and levels of management in the organization……………………………..
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