"The only thing worse than a crowded house is an empty one. Buyers will always assume the owner is strapped with two mortgages and is desperate to sell."

U.S. News and World Report.

Our Customers are anyone with a vacant 'executive style' home For Sale. While our initial target area is the Missoula and Bitterroot Valley's, we would welcome the opportunity to help any homeowner in the State of Montana, where we are incorporated.

Cost-free to Realtors, our goal is to fill your vacant house with qualified, executive individuals, couples, or families. Providing a tremendous advantage to the homeowner and marketing agents. Our low-cost services can often save you money as insurance for vacant homes can often add up to more than we charge. Sellers may realize a significant cost savings once HomeWorks Montana caretakers are installed in the home.

HomeWorks Montana provides carefully selected adults to live in and maintain homes during the period between the owners’ departure and the property’s sale. With our HomeWorkers in residence, your property is guaranteed to always be in Model Home condition from the curb to the closets.

Your home is also being safeguarded against vagrants, vandalism, weather damage, or any other condition often faced when For Sale homes are empty. Insurance Companies oftentimes will not insure a vacant home due to the high risk of problems associated with empty buildings.

HomeWorks give your property the maximum real estate advantage no matter what the market conditions are.

We perfect the presentation of your home to give your real estate investment the greatest potential for your buy-sell agreement!

HomeWorkers are capable, qualified, and professional adults who will pay the utility bill. They come fully insured and bonded to ensure the homeowner of no-risk. They are under contract and are willing to move on to the next great property with a mere 21-day written notice.

While occupying your home, they tend to the basic maintenance of yard care, snow removal, etc. while keeping your home ready for showings from 9 am until 8 pm seven days a week. It’s like having a live-in marketing agent on premises.

Occupied homes sell faster than vacant homes because they are maintained in a ready-to-show condition.

HomeWorks Montana, Inc.


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