We carefully handpick our HomeWorkers and require each applicant to be thoroughly screened with excellent references and background check.

Each HomeWorker is required to be employed, independently wealthy, or on retirement income. Our HomeWorkers value the opportunity to live in an attractive home for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps they are in transition or waiting to find a property to buy. Perhaps they are considering a permanent move to Montana and want to experience the area first.

From our pool of waiting HomeWorks Montana applicants, we will work hard to carefully match the right person(s) to the right property. This program works and has drawn praise from sellers, real estate agents, and caregivers.

Our HomeWorkers are subcontractors under our company, HomeWorks Montana Inc. They are ready to vacate a sold home within twenty-one days of written notification. We treat our HomeWorkers well, offering incentives and assistance with their moves, whenever possible. Compare this excellent relationship we have with our subcontractors to costly and stressful eviction problems with an uncooperative renter, which can result in a lost sale for the homeowner.

Our HomeWorkers pay the utility bills, HOA fees, and other minor maintenance repairs. They fill your home with beautiful furniture, for a lovely showing by your Real Estate agent. Presenting a truly staged performance to maximize each and every showing.

Additionally, we carry liability insurance to ensure that our homeowners are under no risk. Each of our HomeWorkers will leave the under contract property in the same (or better) condition as when they moved in (save any normal wear and tear).

HomeWorks dollars pay for all the reasonable expenses of maintaining your home, saving you money while it’s on the market for sale.

Everyone benefits with our proven history of lived-in properties.

Write for more information info@homeworksmontana.com or to request your Sellers Contract with HomeWorks Montana, Inc.

HomeWorks Montana, Inc.


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