People just like you are discovering the advantages to being a HomeWorker!

Are you looking for the opportunity to move to the renown beautiful valley's of Western Montana, to live in an attractive home for reduced rental fees? Cited by many sources as one of the best areas to live in the United States, we welcome you to apply for this incredible opportunity to be part of a great company.

Do you own nice furnishings and have a knack for decorating, for turning an empty house into a lovely home?

If so, you’ll be a perfect fit for our innovative and ideal program of matching empty For Sale homes with the right occupant! Your cost-of-living in one of our contracted properties allows HomeWorks Montana to offer our services to clients without any upfront charges. Your services help our "clients occupied residences" to show more attractively, sell quicker, and retain their value more profitably than comparable vacant or renter-occupied properties.

This arrangement is not a landlord-tenant relationship. We are able to provide low cost housing for professionals looking for an opportunity to explore the vast natural resources of Western Montana.

Acting as a subcontractor to live in and maintain our clients' properties, we at HomeWorks Montana will work with you to assist you in everyway we can to ensure your time with us is a pleasant experience.

Transforming a generic empty house into your next residence can be a satisfying experience.

While our program is not for everyone, there are many people who will find the benefits of living in a lovely home for a reduced rental fee to be greatly advantageous. You may be waiting for your home to be built, or perhaps you want to save money to buy your own home. Maybe you’ve always considered moving to Montana and would love the opportunity to come and preview living here for a while before making the commitment. There are those of you who are waiting for the housing market to stabilize before investing in a home of your own. And last, but not least, some of you are simply adventurers looking for the opportunity to live in the wild, wild West!

No matter what your reason, you’ll get temporary housing at a fantastic savings!

Contact us today for your HomeWorks Montana Service Application. Once you’re approved, we’ll follow up with our HomeWorkers contract for your approval.

HomeWorks Montana, Inc.

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