In 1999, while I was renting a beautiful country home, the owners decided to put it on the market. With our appealing western decorating style and in cooperation with the landlord’s agents, the house sold immediately. Upper-end rentals in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana were scarce. Dave and Lisa N., of Darby, had a newly remodeled, 4000 sq. ft home on the market for nearly two years. It had not been lived in for 24 months—the utilities were turned off—and although the home was one of quality and priced well, it had not sold. Our family moved in the day before Thanksgiving, filling it with a family-full of nice furniture, artwork, holiday baking scents, and most of all, energy. By Christmas, just 4 weeks later, the N's had a full-price sale.

This experience served as the catalyst for a tested and tried business plan recently launched in the Missoula and Bitterroot Valley's--HomeWorks Montana.

Real Estate professionals agree that an occupied home sells as much as 30% faster than those left vacant. And it’s easy to understand why. Vacant properties are not maintained on a daily basis, tend to smell musty, and because the utilities are often turned off, the homes are dark, cold in the winter, and too hot in the summer. An empty house feels lifeless and creates a negative atmosphere to potential buyers.

By letting HomeWorks Montana partner with you, the potential buyers see a comfortable, clean, well- appointed home--one they can easily see themselves living in. This concept is similar to ‘staging’, where a professional decorates a vacant house to showcase its potential. HomeWorks takes this sales tool even further, by providing HomeWorkers to give your house the edge over the competition—to maximize the presentation of your home at every showing.

We partner qualified caretakers (HomeWorkers) with empty, For Sale houses, furnishing and decorating each one as a model home. From curb appeal, to functioning utilities, from fresh scents, to lovely decor, our HomeWorkers give your home maximum showability in today’s tough real estate market.

HomeWorks Montana partners with the home owner--saving them money, worry, and potential problems.

Our HomeWorkers often assume the cost of utilities*, while performing basic maintenance, yard care, and preparation for every showing—including Open Houses. Working hand-in-hand with your Real Estate agent at all showing opportunities, to maximize the benefits of your property and to show off your prized possession. We typically save you a lot of money in the holding costs on your vacant property.

HomeWorks Montana partner homes show better, sell faster, and sell for more profit as we position you, the seller, with maximum benefits for your vacant listing.

By utilizing the benefits of home occupancy, you enable your home to shine the brightest. And by using our unique marketing strategy, you will position your investment in the forefront of memorable showings to potential buyers.

* Under most conditions. A no obligation, free quote will be provided once a qualified home is previewed.

HomeWorks Montana, Inc.

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